Skyreat Phone/Tablet Mount Review

Skyreat Phone holder

One of the great things about the Controllers for the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, and the Spark is the fact that your phone or small tablet will fit into the arms that fold out from the bottom. It works pretty well, but there are a couple things that I have been frustrated with. First, my phone will not fit in the controller if I leave the case on it. I don't have a big, bulky case, but it's just thick enough that it won't fit. Second, the cable from the Controller is very difficult to get lined up and plugged into the Lightning port on the phone. The final frustration I've had is the fact that left arm of the controller partially covers the Home button on my iPhone. So if my phone goes to sleep while it's connected or I need to switch to another application for some reason, I have to pull back the arm a bit to be able to hit the button. 

The Skyreat Phone/Tablet Mount to the Rescue

This product solves every single frustration I have with the Mavic/Air/Spark Controller.

The first thing I noticed about it was how compact it is. It comes in a little bag that easily fits in my camera bag and takes less than a minute to unfold and get ready to use. It's constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy and seems very durable. I have used it both with an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPad Mini. Both fit without any problems.

Skyreat Holder
Perfect thickness to fit securely 

The bottom plate of the Skyreat fits perfectly into the folding arms of the Controller. Once it is locked in place there is absolutely no wobble or shaking.

I can keep the case on my phone

The top section of the Skyreat pulls open easily, then springs back with enough force to hold your phone or tablet very securely between two rubber pads. You will not need to take your phone out of its case. The best part is the Home button is easily accessible at all times. 

Skyreat phone holder
No more cable connection frustrations

Since your phone or tablet now sits above the Controller, the cable that connects from the side of the controller to the phone the two will no longer work. It's too short. But it was a pain to use anyhow. Now you will simply use any USB to Lightning cable to connect the Controller to the phone. I just use a regular charging cable and coil up the excess. You can purchase a shorter cable for a few bucks if you prefer. The bottom of the plate that holds your phone has a nice long slot that gives you easy access to the connector on the bottom of the phone. 

Skyreat holder
The bottom line

I flew drones for over six months before I finally purchased this mount. But now, I use it every time I fly. For less than $25 it's a "must have" accessory.