Review of PolarPro ND Filters for DJI Mavic Air

Polar Pro ND Filter

Your Options

PolarPro has just released several sets of Neutral Density filters for the DJI Mavic Air. Just like their filters for other drones, they offer a variety of options:

The Standard Series
These are the entry level filters. They are ND only and are made with HD glass.

Cinema Series Shutter Collection
The next step up. These filters are made with what PolarPro calls "Production Grade Glass." They have an 8-layer coating on both sides of the filter.

Cinema Series Vivid Collection
These filters also have the Production Grade Glass with the coatings, but add a rotating polarizer element to help cut glare and enhance colors. ​

All three series are available in sets that includes ND 4, ND8 and ND16 filters. Six filter sets that include straight neutral density filters as well as combination ND/Polarizer filters are also available. If you really need to block the light, ND32 and ND64 filters are also available.

Polar Pro ND Filters

Installing the Filter

These filters screw to the front of the camera on the Mavic Air. But in order to get access to the threads, you first have to unscrew the existing lens bezel. The first time you take it off it is nerve-wracking. It is on there really tight from the factory. Be careful to hold the gimbal firmly when you twist the bezel off. If you can't get a good grip on it, you might try wrapping a rubber band around it. Once the bezel is off, just screw on one of the ND filters on in its place. If you are using one of the ND/PL filters, remember that the outer ring will continue to rotate after the filter is screwed in all the way. 

Polar Pro ND Filters
Polar Pro ND Filter

Do they make a difference?

Absolutely! The two images below show the dramatic difference. The first was taken with no filter. The second was shot with an ND8/PL Cinema Series Vivid Collection filter. The difference is due to the polarization cutting through the glare. These images are straight out of the camera with no post-processing (other than cropping and re-sizing) in Photoshop or Lightroom.

PolarPro ND Filter
PolarPro ND Filter


All PolarPro filters are constructed of aluminum which makes them extremely lightweight (.59 grams each). I have not had any problems with gimbal balance or movement with the filters installed. The aluminum construction also makes them very durable. In fact, they come with a lifetime warranty. 

The filters come with a hard plastic case which fits easily in the case that comes with the Mavic Air Fly More Combo. There is a foam insert inside the case that holds the filters very securely but still allows them to be removed easily.