Phase One Announces New Drone Camera

Just in case you are looking for something fun to buy with your lottery winnings, Phase One has just announced a new camera platform designed for drones. The IXM Camera Series will offer 50 or 100 Megapixel sensors and a choice of four Phase One RSM lenses, with focal lengths from 35mm to 150mm. The cameras are weatherproof and will attach to a variety of UAV platforms. But given that they weigh in at 1.38 pounds, you're not going to be attaching them to your Mavic Air. 

The iXM 100MP and iXM 50MP metric cameras are available for order now and will be shipping in June. The cost?  $40,000 for the IXM 100P. If that's a little too rich for you, the 50MP is only $21,000. Lens are an additional $10,000 each. You can read all the details at Phase One's site.