Mavic Pro Low Noise Propellers

Mavic Pro low noise props

Propeller Envy

The day my new Mavic Pro was delivered, DJI announced the release of the new Mavic Pro Platinum. It was significantly quieter than the Mavic Pro I had just bought and had a longer flight time. These improvements were due to changes in the motors and to a new propeller design. Of course, the Platinum version was also more expensive.

While I loved my new Mavic Pro, I couldn't help but wonder if I should have returned it and purchased the new quieter Platinum version. I had a solid case of propeller envy. But after doing a bit of research I discovered that the newly designed low-noise propellers would fit on the original Mavic Pro. The cure for propeller envy was as simple as ordering two sets of props. 

Install the Props Correctly

Mavic Pro low noise props

The propellers on your Mavic spin in two different directions. You'll also notice that two of the propellers are shaped differently. When you install them, make sure you put the two props with the gold circle in the middle on the motors that have the white marks painted around the edge.

Just in case you're wondering, these low noise props are not compatible with the new Mavic Air. 

They Do Make a Difference

As soon as the new props arrived I put them on and put the drone up in the air. I definitely noticed a difference. It's not just the loudness, there is a different quality to the sound as well. I don't have a decibel meter, so I can't tell you the exact number, but they are noticeably quieter. I especially notice it when I get 15-20' in the air. 

The new propellers don't really make a difference in battery life. The three minute flight time increase in the Mavic Pro Platinum over the Mavic Pro is evidently due to the motors, not the props. 

Should You Upgrade?

If you fly in areas where you want to be a bit less conspicuous, definitely. If your current props are getting worn out and need to be replaced I would go with the low noise ones. The cost difference is only a few dollars.

Speaking of prices, if you go to Amazon they seem to be all over the map. Some sellers there are evidently selling knock-offs instead of genuine DJI props. The best price I have found is straight from DJI. They're around $10/set and you are guaranteed of getting genuine parts.  Wherever you buy them, make sure to buy two sets. You need to end up with four props. 

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