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Your DJI Mavic Air in 60 Seconds or Less
Your DJI Mavic Air in 60 Seconds or LessIn-depth tutorials are great to help you learn how to get the[...]
Practical Uses for a Drone Around Your Home
Drones are becoming more common in certain commercial segments. Look at any Realtor site and you will see aerial photography[...]
Five Keys to Better Drone Photography
Your drone is capable of taking amazing aerial photos. Even if you leave the camera settings on full automatic you[...]
How to Adjust Your Gimbal
Preventing a Crooked HorizonIf you consistently get a crooked horizon line in your photos it means your camera gimbal needs[...]
Three Things That Will Spoil a Day of Drone Flying
There are over 50 settings available in the DJI Go4 app. Fortunately, you'll never change most of them. You'll just[...]
Three Settings to Check Every Time You Fly Your DJI Drone
There are over 50 settings available in the DJI Go4 app. Fortunately, you'll never change most of them. You'll just[...]
Fifteen Things You Can do to Prevent Drone Crashes
Drones crash. It doesn't matter how experienced you are as a pilot, there is always the possibility of crashing. The[...]
How to Prevent Drone Flyaways
Every drone pilot worries at some point that their drone will simply fly off on its own. Flyaways, as they[...]
Best Camera Settings for Photos with the DJI Mavic Air
What I mean by "best settings" My "best settings" may be different from yours. Some people like photos with a[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Memory Cards for Your DJI Mavic Air
Can I just use the built-in memory in the Mavic Air instead of a memory card? Yep, you sure can.[...]
Top Five Reasons to Buy a DJI Mavic Air
If you are thinking about buying a drone, here are the top five reasons to buy a DJI Mavic Air.[...]
Your First Flight With Your DJI Mavic Air
It's time to take your first flight. If you haven't already read my tutorial on Setting Up Your New DJI[...]
One Thing I Don’t Like About the DJI Mavic Air
It had to happen sooner or later. I have discovered something I don't like about the DJI Mavic Air. Spoiler[...]
Setting Up Your New DJI Mavic Air Drone
Getting a New Drone is Exciting When Fed Ex delivered a Mavic Air to my house last week I opened[...]
How To Get Your Drone Pilot License
Before going through the steps you will need to complete to get your drone pilot license, let's look at why[...]
Apps Every Drone Pilot Needs—VeriFly
I realized soon after I got my first drone that if I made a mistake I could end up hurting[...]
Apps Every Drone Pilot Needs—AirMap
Before you fly, you absolutely must check to be sure that you are flying in an area that doesn't have[...]
Apps Every Drone Pilot Needs: UAV Forecast
Besides the DJI Go4 app, there are some additional apps every drone pilot needs. One of these is UAV Forecast[...]
How Do I Format the SD Card on my Mavic Pro?
There are two ways to format the memory card on your Mavic Pro. Both are easy, but one involves an[...]
How to Straighten a Crooked Horizon Using Adobe Lightroom
Crooked horizons are common in drone photography, but they really make your photos look amateurish. The best solution is to[...]
How Do I Register My New Drone?
As of December 2017, new drone registration is once again required if you live in the United States and own[...]
How to Customize the Battery Level Warnings
Keeping track of your battery level is important when flying your drone. You can always see the current level on[...]
Understanding the DJI Return to Home Failsafe
Return to Home is a wonderful safety feature will enable your drone to fly itself back to the point from[...]