Essential Accessories for Your Mavic Pro

Technically there are no "essential" accessories because your Mavic Pro comes with everything you need to fly. But there are some things you can get that are very helpful and that you will probably end up using every time you fly. This is by no means an exhaustive list of available accessories. It's not even a complete list of the ones I have purchased. These are the ones I use every day.

Neutral Density Filters

Since the Mavic Pro has a fixed aperture lens the only way to decrease the amount of light that gets to the sensor is to increase the shutter speed. That's not a problem for still photos, but for video you really want to keep your shutter speed about 1/60. The solution is to put a Neutral Density filter on the front of the lens. Think of it as sunglasses for your Mavic. They come in different strengths (Typically ND4, ND8 and ND16) with higher numbers blocking more light. I have a set by SandMarc. Polar Pro is also a popular brand and DJI makes a set as well. 

Combination Gimbal Lock and Cover

The Mavic comes with a gimbal cover and a separate gimbal lock. I knew it was just a matter of time before I lost the little gimbal lock. I found this combination cover and lock by Atterox. Only one piece of gear to put on and off and keep track of. And it's cheap. 

Remote Controller Joystick Protector

The Remote Controller folds up very compactly and can slip into a slot in the bag that comes with the Fly More Combo, but it's a really tight fit. I always worried that I was going to snap off one of the joysticks when I put the controller in the bag. This simple piece of plastic slips over the sticks and makes sure they don't get damaged. For some reason you get two protectors—one red and one black. You can save some money by getting this in a bundle with the Gimbal Lock and cover. ​

Landing Pad

When I first saw these landing pads online I thought they were silly. But then I started to notice how much dirt was getting kicked up when I took off and landed and realized that dirt will get drawn in through the air inlets on the front of the Mavic. When I landed in some grass that was a little longer than I thought and the rotors started chopping it off, I decided perhaps a landing pad was a good idea. I found this 32" diameter one by FSLabs that I really like. Folds right up and weighs next to nothing.