How to Customize the Battery Level Warnings

Keeping track of your battery level is important when flying your drone. You can always see the current level on the screen, but it’s easy to ignore it when you get caught up in flying. Fortunately, your controller will start sounding an audible warning when your battery starts getting low and another when it really low. These warnings are sufficiently annoying that you can’t possibly ignore them. If you are flying close to your landing spot you can customize the battery level warning and change the threshold at which they will start. Here’s how:

Step one

With your phone or tablet connected to your DJI controller, launch the DJI Go 4 app, power up the controller, then power up your drone. Tap the Battery Level icon at the top of the screen.

Step two

Now use the sliders to adjust the warning levels to your liking. I wouldn’t mess with the Critically Low Battery Warning level, but I set the initial Low Battery Warning to 25% or lower depending on how far away I am flying. Just remember to bump them back up if you are going to flying farther away or in windy conditions.