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Whether you're new to drones or have been flying for awhile, you probably have questions. Our FAQ section will give you concise answers so you can spend more time flying and less time searching the internet.


Our learning center has quick tutorials on the common settings for your drone. More in-depth articles will help you gain skill as a pilot, as well as a photographer.

Gear Advice

Drones, and all the accessories that go with them, are not cheap. We will give you honest opinions about drone gear so you can make informed decisions about purchases.


Drones are in the news more and more all the time. We'll keep you on top of new product announcements, changing drone laws and regulations and creative uses of drones.

Dave Gales


This is the website I wish I had when I bought my first drone. 

After investing in a complex piece of equipment, it was clear I had a lot to learn. If I made a mistake, I would be out a lot of money. And worse—someone could get hurt or property damaged. I spent countless hours searching the internet to find every scrap of information to learn to fly safely. My frustration? I never did find a site that had both quick answers AND more in-depth information when I needed it. was my response. Quick answers to common questions, thorough tutorials to grow beyond the basics, advice on the best gear and  accessories, and news from the world of drones. I'm not an expert, but I've learned a great deal and continue to do so each time I fly.

I invite you to benefit from my experience and mistakes —because there's always more to learn. 

Dave Gales

Fly Smart! Download a Free Pre-flight Checklist

Using a printed checklist each time you fly can help prevent annoying things like not having a memory card, partially charged batteries or forgetting to check your camera settings. But a checklist can also prevent serious problems by reminding you to check critical settings before you take off. Download this checklist, print it on 4" x 6" photo paper, and keep it in the case with your drone so you'll have it every time you get ready to fly.

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